Shub Roy

Berlin, Germany

creativity, project
& program

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audience & community |
operations & processes |
research & education |
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10 years experience in conception, management & coordination of projects, programs & teams — specialising in the creative, curated, inspirational & experiential.

Versatile, dynamic & vision-driven at the intersection of culture, technology, education & equity.

Ability to multi-task, address complexity &
deliver across mediums.

Community-focus that strives to balance the needs of creators, audiences & business needs alike.

Ability to design & implement new
processes, systems & solutions.

Effective collaborator who can also be
relied on to deliver on initiatives

Strategic thinker and rigorous researcher with practical experience, strong network, and a natural curiosity.

Masters graduate with thesis focused on emerging technology’s impact on the arts, democracy, creative communities & organisational design with both theoretical & practical dimensions.

Decoding Participation in Arts & Culture DAOs: Collective Organising, Open Systems & Participatory Instituting


To be presented at International Association of Arts and Cultural Management (AIMAC) Conference
in Lisbon, June 2024.

Selected Past Projects & Work Experience
Projects have been characterised by delivery across mediums, access, equity & representation through curatorial ingenuity, education & community building.

Ableton Loop 

Berlin, Germany

I managed a team coordinating the curation, creative production & booking processes for the delivery of a series of interactive digital events & related content. I guided initial creative ideas from brief to final product (event & content). I also drove audience insights to combine it with company vision & business goals into a collaborative multi-touchpoint event strategy resulting in high quality digital events that contributed to growth of global audience, channels & online community.

Website | In The Studio With Grand River | Spitfire Audio Shortcut Video | Microphone Workshop Blog Piece

  • In charge of a program comprising of branded educational digital event series and resulting media content (documentaries, videos, photos, articles) for a multimillion dollar music technology brand

  • Managed a team of 8, overseeing: curation; creative production; technical, legal & financial dimensions according to available resources & timeline

  • Oversaw multi-project program roadmap, taking into account interdependencies with interfacing teams (design, communications, technical, legal) ultimately delivering requirements on time, in scope & within budget

  • Led realisation of initial creative/curatorial ideas through to final product (comms, event & content) delivery, verifying feasibility while also evaluating relevance, value & growth potential

  • Developed new systems, standards, tools & guidelines in collaboration with interfacing teams including ideation, testing & implementation

  • Applied project management tools to organise work & develop systems of documentation & records

  • Drove market/audience research & collaborated on multi-touchpoint event/content strategy that aligned vision, business goals & available resources

  • Personally oversaw workloads with individual team members & facilitated meetings/workshops

Amplify Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Amplify Berlin was a residency program designed to support emerging Berlin-based musicians through mentorships with more established ones in order to facilitate creative development through guidance, a focused work environment and access to resources. It also strove to promote greater equity & representation in the Berlin music landscape. I formulated the vision, developed the strategy, obtained funding & built partnerships resulting in 30 residencies featuring 90 artists. Additionally, I organised a complementary program of panels, workshops & artist talks. Partners included Ableton, Native Instruments, Novation, Focusrite, Slate+Ash, ROLI, Elektron, Ex-Berliner Magazine, Crack Magazine & CTM Festival.

Website | Instagram | Soundcloud |
Newspaper Article (Taggespiegel)

  • Founded a mentorship residency program to support diversity, access to resources & equit for Berlin-based artists by formulating vision, strategy, obtaining funding & building partnerships

  • Led a cross-functional team of 6 comprised of technicians, communications/socials, design & accounting/controlling through a regular program of monthly residencies & public open calls

  • Managed open calls, curated/liaised with artists & oversaw communications strategy (design, copy, socials, newsletter, press, brand partnerships)

  • Coordinated operations at in-house residency studio & performance space as well as the output of media resulting in 60 tracks, 30 radio shows, 30 articles, 40 live/digital event (concerts, artist talks, panels, workshops) & various media for socials

  • Grew audience at events by 100% per year, social channels by 300% per year & increased media coverage

  • Appeared as representative of program at public events including public speaking engagements

No Shade

Berlin, Germany

No Shade is a Berlin-based collective that offers DJ training programs and events as an educational initiative and platform for female, non-binary and trans DJs. I co-founded & launched this initiative contributing to vision, developing strategy & securing funding to make the club scene more accessible, diverse & welcoming. As project manager, I also managed the budget & logistics for the training workshops, open calls & event lineups. This manifested in 30+ events, 18 trained DJs as well as numerous media features & brand partnerships (including Adidas, Zalando, Beatport, Boiler Room, Vice-iD & Red Bull Radio).

Soundcloud | Instagram |
Yeoja Mag Feature |
i-D Magazine Feature

  • Launched a mentorship-based event residency in partnership with a collective of female, non-binary and trans DJs by formulating the vision, developing strategy & obtaining funding to make the club scene more accessible, diverse & welcoming

  • Resulted in a total of 30+ events and 18 trained DJs plus media features & brand partnerships (including Adidas, Zalando, Beatport, Boiler Room, Vice-iD & Red Bull) as well as special appearances (Berlin Brandenburg Gate, Special Olympics 2023)

  • Designed public open call process, coordinated applications, managed jury process & co-curated mentees

  • Coordinated use of instructional/rehearsal spaces & technical resources for mentoring & educational workshops

  • Oversaw budgeting, documentation & reporting processes

  • Coordinated logistics, booked lineups & managed events including artist offers, negotiations, travel/accommodation, communications, security/awareness & event management

ACUD Macht Neu

Berlin, Germany

As the Program Manager & Curator of the music at this cultural center, I oversaw a program of live concerts, DJs, discourse, festivals & branded events for a calendar of 100-150 events per year with attendance up to 1000. My curatorial approach repositioned & rebranded its profile into a contemporary, cutting-edge institution featuring a program of local & international artist across a variety of genres. Partners for larger events included Red Bull, NTS Radio, Heroines of Sound Festival & CTM Festival.

Website |  Instagram

  • Conceptualised and managed program of live concerts, DJ club nights, discursive events, festivals & branded events for a calendar of 100-150 events per year

  • Formulated an open-source approach to program development, collaborating with local organisers & communities to feature representative, diverse programming comprising local & internationally renowned artists in a variety of genres from experimental to contemporary pop, as well as branded partnership events repositioning the venue’s profile as a contemporary, cutting-edge community institution

  • Managed data, communications & client relationships of 100-300 contacts per year by developing tools, templates & information systems for efficient & effective project/program management at scale

  • Coordinated logistics, scheduling, tech & communications with internal staff & external suppliers

  • Acted as floor manager for events ranging from intimate community gatherings up to attendance of 1000

  • Drove audience attendance growth by 200% per year & social channels growth 300% per year

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